#12 What is the most harmful false belief in the church today? One of the scriptures I use is

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter. But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

If you are a king you need to search a matter out. Don't take my word for it, your spouse's word for it or your Pastor's word for it.

You are going to answer to God for your life. Why not start living on purpose with the Bible as your filter?

Now I want to introduce to you what I believe is the most harmful teaching in the Body of Christ. It is the Sovereignty of God. I want to go on the record as publicly declaring God is Sovereign.

How you look at His Sovereignty is the question.

Here is how I define God's Sovereignty- Ruler of all the Universe, Heaven and Earth answering to no one.

God does whatever God wants to do without asking for permission.

The teaching I take issue with is God “controls” everything. If you believe God is controlling everything in your life you must be a king and search out this matter.

I believe countless people are lost to the enemy because of this belief. God answers to no one but did He make you get up this morning?

If God controls everything then you are nothing more than Pinocchio and God has the whole world on strings.

If God controls everything where does free will come into play? Why would you decide to do anything in life? 

Believe this is how victims are created. God is not the King of victims, He is the King of kings. 

Your job is to search out a matter and put your life on it. Isn't that what salvation is all about?

My job is to get you thinking, praying, and searching the Bible for your answers to questions.

In the next episode, I will go deeper into this topic and show you scriptures to back up why I believe you can limit God in your life.

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